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On NH7 a user will be able to create community based groups. Indian social media platform Community groups are created and functions for a specific purpose or to provide a specific service in a community.Indian social media platform. Communities can be based on different aspects like education, religion, professional, business, etc..,. Community groups help people connect with the people of similar interests. In NH7 user can create a group and connect with the people to share their thoughts, daily activities, community updates. Indian social media platform .Social community groups are most widely used now a day on different social media platforms which helps to share their unique ideas, interests. Indian social media platform. On NH7 user can create a group for free to connect or bring together people of same interest.Indian social media platform. They can earn while connecting with the group of people with similar interests on NH7. Social community groups are of two types public and private.Indian social media platform. Public groups are the groups where any user can join a particular group of their interest/ideas whereas private are restricted groups where only permitted persons can share their thoughts/ideas to the community people

One of the best features that NH7 boasts of is community groups. On NH7 user have an option of selecting the privacy as to view which content and share with the other people of the community.Indian social media platform Community groups are mostly helpful to the businesses, a region based community of people, educational institutions, etc..,.

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